For Kids Like Me: A Documentary Film Project by LaDĆ na Young & MFGP

šŸŽ„ Introducing “For Kids Like Me” Documentary Film Project šŸŽ¬

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We are thrilled to share that our team is currently in development on a powerful documentary film titled “For Kids Like Me.” This project delves deep into the impact of mandatory minimum sentencing laws on families of incarcerated individuals, with a specific focus on the children affected.

We decided to embark on this project after AnyĆ© Young wrote her book: Teen Guide to Living With Incarcerated Parents. She was a rising senior in high school at the time of her book’s release and only 16 years old. Her mother, LaDana Young who is the film’s director witnessed first-hand AnyĆ©’s internal struggles and turmoil while her father was in prison since he had been in prison for almost half of her life.

As an executive producer and the director of the film, LaDana Young hopes to complete the development phase by April 2024 and begin production in May 2024 to complete the film and release it before the end of 2024. She also looks forward to having the film shared on a global platform to help kids and young adults with incarcerated parents with the resources and lessons AnyƩ learned of along her journey as an advocate for prison reform.

The film follows the journey of AnyĆ© Young, a young woman who, during her high school years, wrote a guidebook sharing her personal experiences as a teen with an incarcerated parent. Today, AnyĆ© travels around the world to share her story and raise awareness about the adverse effects of these laws on families. Through heartfelt interviews and discussions with others who have experienced having an incarcerated parent, as well as experts in the field, “For Kids Like Me” sheds light on the challenges faced by these families and the urgent need to reform mandatory minimum sentencing laws.

The project is present by 501c3 nonprofit organization based in California: (MFGP). Donations to this nonprofit’s film project is tax-deductible on your federal income tax return. This means that the IRS considers your donation a charitable contribution and will help reduce or eliminate any taxes that may be owed.

Documentaries showcase philanthropic themes, raising awareness and engaging audiences emotionally. Supporting documentaries can amplify philanthropic efforts and enhance gift-giving programs through effective storytelling via media. We made the decision to crowdfund for this documentary film project because we believe in the power of community support and collaboration. By involving our audience in the creation process, we are able to not only raise the necessary funds but also build a dedicated group of individuals who are emotionally invested in the success of this project. Crowdfunding allows us to connect with people from all walks of life who share a passion for storytelling and social change.

Through this crowdfunding campaign, we aim to not only fund the production of this documentary but also to create a movement around our cause. We want to spark conversations, inspire action, and make a meaningful impact on the world. With the support of our backers, we are confident that we can bring this important story to life and reach audiences far and wide.

We invite you to join us on this important journey as we work to bring attention to this critical issue and advocate for change. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and ways you can get involved in supporting our documentary. Together, we can make a difference and give a voice to kids like AnyĆ©. Let’s work towards a future where families are not torn apart by unjust laws.