Sponsor Feature: The Family Foundation Inc

Sponsor Feature:

We're very excited to feature our first sponsor for our documentary film project: For Kids Like Me (#FKLMdoc)!

As a sponsor for #FKLMdoc, The Family Foundation joins us in providing a platform that shares the stories of justice-impacted youth. The children featured in our film project found the courage inside of themselves and, with support from their “village”, put others first and are all advocates seeking criminal justice reform.

For over 44 years, The Family Foundation has successfully provided support to thousands of children, teenagers, and families in need by providing counseling, education, and a variety of community and mental health services.

The Family Foundation offers multiple programs and innovative services that have been in the forefront of meeting the needs of families and children in times of crisis.

Learn more by visiting www.thefamilyfoundationinc.com!

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